200 Club winners 2018


For each month April-July, September-November, January-February:

1st-£30  2nd-£25  3rd-£20  4th-£15   5th-£10    Annual total £900

For the August ‘Summer Special’, December Christmas Special and March 'End of Year Bonus' draws:

1st-£150   2nd-£100  3rd- £50   4th- 10 of £25 each    Total £550 each draw

NB If more or fewer than 200 members join, the size or number of prizes will be scaled up or down in proportion but half of the proceeds will always return in prizes.

Your email address and telephone number will be used only for the purposes of the David Hall.


PRIZEWINNERS 2018/9 Season
Apr: 1st – C George (186)   2nd – W Smith (84)  3rd – P Wheeler (136)   4th – E Randall (47)  5th – J McNiven (131)


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